WireLoc Vertical Beverage Rack


NEW PRODUCT! Shipping begins November 2017

Display Capacity

• Holds 6 beverages per rack

Pricing Information per Carton

• 4 WireLoc racks packed per carton

•Price is per carton of 4 WireLoc racks


Secure Hold. No Safety Hook. Maximum View.

The iSEE WireLoc Vertical beverage rack with Displayloc™ suction cups provides a secure hold on glass cooler doors without the need for a safety hook. These hooks can cause damage to door seals costing time and money. The vertical product configuration minimizes shelf blockage and makes product easy to grab.

Features & Benefits

• Holds a variety of product sizes 12oz to 32oz

• Secure hold with iSEE Displayloc suction cups

• No door damage from unneeded “Safety Hook”

• Minimizes cooler shelf blockage

• Product cradle with rubber bumpers reduces product shake and noise

• Product cradle design makes beverages easy to grab

• Sign channels are easy to load with no need to take display down