Gravity Glide side by side

iSEE GravityGlide (3 per box)


Roll into Better Shelf Optimization. The better and more flexible beverage roller that maximizes shelf merchandising and ensures product facing in open-air, glass door and ambient locations.

  • Optimizes shelf space to increase volume
  • Keeps product always rolled to the front and ready to grab
  • Easily front or rear loaded
  • Flexible sizing allows placement on 16” to 30” shelves
  • Modular design allows display stacking to merchandise as many as 36 cans
  • Easily produced to specific can widths for 8oz to 32oz can sizes
  • Standard black and white plastic colors fits most brand images
  • Colors can be brand-customized with minimum order
  • Ships flat, with three units per box for optimal transport and shipping
  • Easy to assemble in market
  • Comes pre-printed with brand graphics on sides and front

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