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The Ultimate Brand Glorifier.


The Power of K2 with Displayloc™

iSEE K2™ is the Live-Product P.O.P. Displayloc™ System that glorifies product to increase brand presence and promote special offers. It uses the power of our Displayloc Technology for a secure hold on glass doors and other glass-smooth surfaces.


High-Impact Simple Design

  • Product supports 8 to 25oz. cans or bottles
  • Custom sizes available
  • Display capacity: 2 cans or bottles per unit
  • Each device, when properly installed, can support up to 50 lbs.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 7.44” x 3.50” x 7”


  • Each unit can be branded with easy-change signage
  • Custom artwork & signage design available; die-cut to any shape
  • Signage templates available at iseeinnovation.com
  • Can be branded & pre-loaded prior to install

Standard and Custom Colors

K2 comes in 5 standard colors. Custom colors and textures can be supplied with minimum 2000 unit order. Contact our sales team for more detail.

  • Clear
  • Gray
  • Blue (PMS 288)
  • Red (PMS 187)
  • Green (PMS 369)

Artwork Template


K2 can be used in conjunction with the iSEE Sherpa™ line of products


iSEE K2™ Sell Sheet

CLick here to download the iSEE K2™ sell sheet
K2™ Sell Sheet.

Additional Information

Is there a minimum order quantity required?

We carry standard clear K2s in boxes of 2. There is no minimum order for the Standard K2. Custom colors, product holders, signage variations, or packaging variations may require a minimum order. Call our sales team to discuss.

How do I get a sample K2?

Call our sales team at (888) 417-2457 or email us:
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Call our Sales Team to ask about ordering APEX

(888) 417-2457

Or email us for more info:
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