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Double Cold. Double View. Double Daypart.

DoublePlay Double Impact

Two-sided glass windows & lids make dual product applications & dayparting easier than ever. iSEE DoublePlay™ displays beverages on ice with high brand visibility through glass windows on both sides. The solid casters makes it highly mobile and easy to rotate letting you put it where it needs to be and faced best to optimize it for the right time of day.


DoublePlay Specs

  • Product Support: 16oz to 25oz. cans; 20oz. bottles
  • Approximate Capacity: 15 − 25oz cans per side
  • Approximate Dimensions: 24” x 26” x 32”


  • Every cooler comes with a full complement of signage that can be pre-produced for your needs, or locally produced by you.
  • Custom artwork & signage design available
  • Custom brand colors available with minimum order quantity of 50 coolers
  • Stock Colors: Black, Red (PMS 187), Blue (PMS 288), Green (PMS 369)
  • Custom colors available with minimum order, call our sales team.

Artwork Templates

Click below to download DoublePlay artwork templates

DoublePlay Header Template.
DoublePlay Side Decals.


iSEE DoublePlay™ Sell Sheet

Click below to download the DoublePlay sell sheet

iSEE DoublePlay™ Sell Sheet.

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