Expand, Organize and Customize Your Door Merchandising Capabilities.


Optimize and Organize

The iSEE Cube system is the versatile glass door system that allows you to merchandise multiple items effectively with one device in ambient, refrigerated or frozen locations. It uses the power of standard Displayloc cups for refrigerators or Displayloc Tundra for freezers to keep the display securely attached. The unique cube systems allows various products to be displayed in one bin while keeping product faced and upright for the best shopper appeal.

One Cube, Three Bin Sizes

Each cube is 4” square with pre-measured slots for holding up to 6 products of various sizes, depending on orientation of the cube

  • The Cube system is available in 3 sizes: Narrow, Medium, Wide
    • Narrow: 4 cubes (Approx. 16.50” x 4.10” x 6.90”)
    • Medium: 5 cubes (Approx. 20.50” x 4.10” x 6.90”)
    • Wide: 6 cubes (Approx. 24.50” x 4.10” x 6.90”)

flexibility cubed

Individual iSEE Cubes can be rotated to four different sides, each one with a different configuration for various product shapes and sizes. Cubes can be custom-molded for your desired product mix. Each Cube can be rotated within a bin so different product types can be displayed together in one bin.


iSEE Cube™ Sell Sheet

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iSEE Cube™ Sell Sheet.

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