iSEE IceLight Cooler™ 18-gal

World’s first Glass Front Cooler lets consumers see product at its best − ice-cold and ready to drink.

  • Front glass and lid LED lights
  • Keeps ice up to 48 hours
  • Top, side Front, Cart graphics
  • Easy-drain hose
  • Lockable, heavy casters
  • Industrial strength cart
  • 18 gallon internal volume

  • 72 – 16 oz. cans

  • 48 – 24 oz. cans

  • 58 – 20 oz. bottles

  • 4 case ambient storage rack

Download Sign Templates Here:

Cooler Decals

Cart Signage

Inside Lid Sign

Stock Colors Below – Custom Available above 50 qty

Call our Sales Team to ask about ordering APEX

(888) 417-2457

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How to buy more coolers?

Please call the iSEE Innovations offices, call: (888) 417-2457

Who to call for part replacement, service or problems

iSEE Store Innovations offices, call: (888) 417-2457

Can the cooler be used without the cart?

Not recommended unless used on a surface that can safely hold the weight of a filled cooler

How to maximize ice efficiency

Drain the cooler daily and for best results make sure water doesn’t go above the “water-line” indicator located on the front window. Or order the iSEE Drain Tub to relieve the water from the cooler continually.

How to assemble the cooler and cart

  1. Start by assembling the iSEE Cooler Cart using the instructions, screws and wrench supplied in the Cart box.
  2. Place the iSEE Cooler on the Cart by aligning the groove in the underside of the cooler with the top of the iSEE Cooler Cart. The cooler should fit tightly into position.
  3. Attach the drain hose to the back of the cooler by hand tightening the elbow joint/hose into the threaded fitting on the back of the cooler. DO NOT force or over-tighten the fitting. Hand tightening is sufficient to allow the drain to work properly. Follow the instructions on the yellow, removable sticker on the back of the cooler.
  4. Apply signage as needed to four possible areas on the display: lid and side decals, header card, inside lid, front and side cart signs. Graphic signs are not supplied with cooler (unless specifically ordered with shipment)

What are the dimension of the 18 Gallon Cooler?

A – 18 gallon cooler and cart is: 30 3/8” x 20 5/8” x 42 1/2” (W”xD”xH”)

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